Indigenous Visibility Campaign is a dynamic public art initiative that celebrates, living Indigenous people, who self-identify as women, queer, trans, or two spirit. By employing captivating images and text in public spaces across cities, connected to an accompanying website featuring biographical information and relevant links, the campaign reaches a global audience. Designed to foster collaboration and transcontinental solidarity, the campaign promotes and supports, its featured participants and the causes that they have dedicated themselves to.

Focusing on waymakers in climate activism, human rights, social justice, land stewardship, decolonization practices, education, and the reimagining and preservation of Indigeneity across diverse mediums, the campaign spotlights individuals who actively confront systemic inequalities and advocate for inclusivity. These advocates’ work extends beyond these fields into their Indigenous communities, fostering social cohesion and resilience while safeguarding cultural heritage and transmitting traditional values adapted to our contemporary world for the sake of future generations. Beyond empowering fellow Indigenous peoples, these leaders serve as beacons of innovation, embodying sustainable and reciprocal relationships with the land, people, and all entities—both seen and unseen—for the global community at large. The campaign is purposefully designed to bring visibility to Indigenous people, amplifying their voices, ideas, spirit, and accomplishments within urban landscapes that often fail to adequately represent them or to acknowledge the centrality of their contributions.