Noura Saleh Erakat

“We are like olive trees, like the ones our ancestors planted, we are unshaken, we are undeniable, stand with us in this promise, we promise, Palestine still promises, that we will all be free!.” — Noura Saleh Erakat

Noura Erakat is a prominent Palestinian-American human rights attorney, scholar, and activist, known for her dedication to advocating for justice and equality in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Born into a family deeply engaged in Palestinian activism, Erakat has channeled her passion for human rights into a multifaceted career. Holding a Juris Doctor (JD) from Stanford University, she has contributed significantly to the legal discourse surrounding the rights of Palestinians, with a particular focus on issues such as refugee rights, international law, and the impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian lives. Erakat's work extends beyond the academic realm; she is an influential voice on social media, a sought-after speaker, and has played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the challenges faced by Palestinians.

As a scholar, Erakat has held academic positions at institutions such as Georgetown University and Rutgers University, where she has actively engaged in research and teaching related to the legal and political dimensions of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Her writings, including articles, op-eds, and contributions to various publications, have significantly shaped conversations on the human rights implications of the conflict. Noura Erakat's unwavering commitment to justice and her ability to bridge legal scholarship with grassroots activism make her a key figure in the ongoing dialogue surrounding the quest for a just and equitable resolution in the region.





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